Wednesday, May 8, 2013

i don't know about you but i'm feelin 19

sooo... its been a while. hahaha but i turned 19 in April:) I spent the day with my family then later that night my friends and i went to the Melting Pot in Salt Lake City. It was so much fun and one of the best birthdays EVER:):):) love my friends and family.

obviously it was WAY too fun.. ;)

Saturday, April 6, 2013

DIY face mask

I'm always looking for a good homemade face mask that i don't have to go out and buy the stuff for so as i was looking online i found this one! It's mainly for healing acne (which is exactly what i needed) and it's great because the ingredients are stuff that you should usually always have around your house!! All you need is a little bowl, cinnamon, nutmeg, and some honey! I heated my honey up so that it would be easier to stir and i made the mistake of putting my mask on right after i heated it up but be warned.... you'd think 10 seconds is ok and it wouldn't burn your face off.. but trust me, you'd be fine at 5 seconds and even letting it cool after that haha. Anyway, this mask worked GREAT! I'm a picker so my zits are always really red and this mask makes them close up a little so they're a lot lighter. It also makes my face SO smooth! I use it about once or twice a week and i promise you i've seen a difference! So yes, i'd definitely recommend it:) hope it works for you!!

1 Tbs

2 Tbs

1/4 cup

This recipe has lasted me 1 month using it twice a week and i still have some left!

you're definitely gonna want to put your hair up for this one!

wash your face and if you need put a LITTLE bit of lotion on after
rub it on all over your face with your fingers

it should look like this! beautiful right? ;)

Keep your mask on for about 30-40 minutes then rinse off with warm water!

hope you like:)


Can you say BEST TRIP OF MY LIFE!!! My best friends (Tiara and Jessica) and i just needed a little getaway (i know.. we were just in st. george BUT st. george isn't california). I have some family that lives in California so we were able to stay with them and it was great because it was FREE! My aunt would pack us lunches every day for the beach so that we didn't have to buy food! It was the greatest, they are the greatest:) If it weren't for them we would not have been able to go on this wonderful vacation:) It was full of sunshine, singing in the car (well.. rapping), beaches, shopping, boardwalks, pizza, laughter, picnics, smiles, swimsuits, and did i say beaches? ;) haha i'll say it again.. and probably keep saying it.. BEST TRIP OF MY LIFE!!!

game night

Every once in a while you just need to have a fun game night that starts at midnight and goes until 3 in the morning. We did just that:) If you ever feel like you need to just throw up i have a PERFECT game for you! It's called "see how many big marshmallows you can stuff in your mouth until you gag." haha the title says it all. While Tiara and i were DYING fitting only 6 in our mouth the boys were over there working on 16!!!!!!! Casey has extremely stretchy cheeks. After we completed the marshmallow death game we played another game where you get a Caprisun box and bend down to get the box with your mouth while balancing on one foot.. it's a lot harder than it sounds; after everyone has their turn you cut it shorter and shorter until you literally can't grab it anymore! You'd think the girls would dominate at this game... but no. haha the boys definitely beat us by a long shot! Here's a few pictures from our fun game night :)